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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Eh..... This place is great for a burger or wings, but anything else is just ok.

    The wait staff is nice, but very slow.  Be prepared to spend a good amount of time waiting for things.

    The buffalo chicken sliders weren't very good.... :/  and the fish and chips were ok.

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    This location sucks!!! It used to be a good place to frequent...It has surely gone downhill.... Last time I was there it took close to 45 minutes before I could even place a drink order... It was hard to get a refill....my server was not that great at all...I actually had to have another server grab the manager.... I politely explained to her that the past few visits previous weren't up to par and this one lost a customer... Sad part is she gave us 50% off the check and another $40 in gift certificates with the hopes that we would return as customers....unfortunately even with the free $40 we still wont step foot inside!!!! Sad cause its right across the street...

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    Crazy amount of tvs up in here.

    GDG is like your neighborhood bar/restaurant but has a standardized menu across their stores. The staff is personal and introduces themselves by name to clientele (an actual nice touch in my opinion).

    There is plenty of seating in the bar area and at sit-down booths. There is a small but decent selection of beers on tap, and the menu is pretty large. I just went in for a quick bite, so I ordered up a Guinness and the Triple Cheese Burger with mashed potatoes. The Guinness was poured very well (hats off to the bartender). The burger was cooked pretty well, but the cheese was a bit rubbery. Otherwise the flavor was standard and nothing to complain about. The mash had a good texture, with small bits of potato throughout. There was also melted butter drizzled on top - this does enhance the flavor. So the burger was average, and the mash was better than expected.

    It's nice having this around the corner was a go-to option if I just want some easy bar food. Definitely need to get the wings next time.

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