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    We typically arrive early to the airport to allow time for security. When we got to our gate, we realized we had plenty of time for breakfast before boarding our plane to Austin. There are not too many options for a sit down breakfast so Gordon Biersch it was.

    We sat at the bar and were promptly offered bloody mary's by a friendly, but somewhat rough around the edges bartender. She promised they would be good, and they were good, even slightly spicy. She recommended the steak and eggs for breakfast so we went with it. The steak wasn't the best quality, but it was prepared to order and flavorful. The eggs were cooked to my liking. This breakfast came with a choice of sliced tomatoes or hash browns. I was glad I chose the tomatoes although my husband said the potatoes were ok. It was just a HUGE portion. It was also served with a whole grain toast that I particularly enjoyed. I'm not a fan of white bread.

    The bartender was a hoot and really kept the other servers on their toes. Entertainment, drinks and breakfast before our flight - what more could we ask for. The bloody marys certainly dulled the pain of watching the dad in the seat across the aisle offer his toddler 20+ lollipops throughout the flight to try to get her to behave. This outstanding display of parenting was obviously unsuccessful. I shudder to think of what he'll have to offer her once she gets to be a tween.

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    If this was any other restaurant aside from an airport restaurant, my review would probably be one star. However, I've had worse food and service from airport restaurants, so Gordon Biersch was decent in those regards.

    It's self-service so it was a pain to find a place to sit, not to mention put your luggage. My server was quite friendly and helpful, so definite props for that. I ordered the Kobe Beef Cheeseburger and a glass of the Hefeweizen (which I'm quite fond of, having been to other GB establishments). The cheeseburger was quite unremarkable, but it was cooked to order and not too bad, so no complaints.

    My real issue with this location was the beer. For a restaurant that prides itself on its beer, it was absolutely disgusting. I know what good beer is. I also know what GB's Hefeweizen is SUPPOSED to taste like. The one I got was definitely spoiled and and absolute disgrace to the Gordon Biersch brand. BLECH. The Märzen I ordered to replace it wasn't better, so there's something going on with all the beers. Just skip 'em.

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    i was a bit creeped out eating here since the food didn't seem fresh and the place didn't seem too clean. but i was starving and this was my only option.

    as i ate my mediocre burger and drank my strange-tasting water, i kept praying: "please don't let me get food poisoning; please don't let me get food poisoning."

    and the gods showed mercy on me and spared me from any diarrhea on my 6-hour flight.

    so 3 stars for you, gordon biersch! you go, gordon biersch!

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