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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    If you're ever in Central Square but don't want generic Irish pub food or Chipotle, check out hidden gem Green Street. The bar isn't huge, but they serve excellent, inexpensive craft cocktails, and the bartenders are attentive to even the poor souls who get stuck standing 2 or 3 deep at the bar on a Friday or Saturday night. The food is also good even if the menu is kind of limited (usually only about 6-8 entree choices), and so is the service.

    One of the biggest ups about this place is that if you arrive after the peak dinner time (usually 10ish), you can usually get seated in the dining room and be served just drinks. This is a great option if you're looking to grab some drinks with friends while actually being able to talk to each other, or if you want to pre-game a little bit before rolling out elsewhere like TT's. For drinks, you can't go wrong with the popular Aqueduct, or, if you're going all-out bonkers, the classic (and strong) Zombie.

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    Quite loud on a Thursday evening.  Service was reasonable.  Excellent bread.  The macaroni and cheese was well conceived (addition of bacon, peas, and crumb topping) but poorly executed.  The bacon was the only salt I could taste in the entire dish.  So whenever I got a bite of bacon, it was a well seasoned bite.  But when I didn't, there was no salt and thus no flavor.  Many others in are party were similarly underwhelmed by their dishes; a hanger steak, for example, was done correctly on the inside but carbonized on the outside.  Portions were quite large.

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    Sorry to rain on Green Street's parade but I was quite disappointed. Where do I start?

    Grub: Burger -  First, they didn't ask me how I wanted it cooked and overall it was slightly on the salty side. Coleslaw was so bland and the pickles were OK. I had one bite of the chips and gave the rest to the boyfriend. Speaking of boyfriend, he had the "Bonchon style wings" and it is definitely NOT Bonchon styled! They were super salty! Trust me, I am like a Bonchon connoisseur. I use to eat it all the time in NYC and at one point every week for a month in Boston (not proud of it).

    Dranks - I had the Bohemian which I liked. It wasn't amazing but they did a good job making the alcohol not too obvious and meshing the ingredients well. The boyfriend on the other hand had another Beefeater gin based drink (forgot the name!) but it was way too strong.  One star for my drink.

    Service - It was actually good. Our water glasses were never empty and were asked at proper times if we needed anything. One star for the service.

    I'm not sure if I got the wrong dishes or if the cooks had a fiesta with the salt that night but I highly doubt I would come back for the food. I would however possibly come back to give the drinks another chance *shrug*. Peace out Green Street!

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