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    Website says fresh made burgers, but that's a hideous falsehood. It was clearly a frozen patty. Crab dip tasted like paste and there was no Old Bay on that burger. Chocolate milk for my kid had very little chocolate in it and her meal came way before mine. She was done and itching to go home long before my meal came. Won't be going back.

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    Oh boy, the Green Turtle. I went to a little party there with a group and it turned out to be bike night and they had a DJ there. The DJ's music was great, the atmosphere was very different than expected ...I didn't know this was a popular hangout. I thought it was going to have a little more space but I will say I enjoyed seeing others choice in outfits but that was something I could ignore. The place was packed, bartenders overworked and mounds of food and glasses piled all over the place. I mean come on, I'm well versed in the bar scene but man this was more than what you would normally see - it was disgusting. I couldn't tell if GT didn't plan accordingly or just a sh*tload of people thought that night was the night to go out. It would help to have more than 2 bartenders...there was nobody in sight. It may not have been their fault but still first impressions are everything.

    What I couldn't figure out was why there were 8-9 year olds "hanging out" with their parents at 1:00AM. I'd prefer being able to speak freely instead of keeping my language G rated at 1:00AM...at a bar...on a Saturday...with Vodka.

    2.5 stars as they could have performed better on the simplest things.

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    The Greene Turtle has definitely changed, for the better.  General Manager Jeremy and Bar Manager Phil have got this place rolling...Nikki, Katie and Cathy are the best bartenders around and the happy hour and summer beer specials are un-matched.

    Kudos to my spot.

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