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    It's in a terrifying neighborhood. Let's get that out of the way right now. There's always a sixteen year old prostitute waiting outside when you leave. Prepare yourself to see a lot of face tattoos. Unless you have a big burly drinking buddy (which I do), don't go here. Especially women. I'd be afraid to go by myself.

    But when I'm not alone, I love this place. The owner is one of the coolest guys I've ever met, and you'll meet a lot of interesting people (and hear their prison stories). There's even free pizza on good nights. Outside might be scary, but once you step inside, you immediately feel comfortable with everyone around you, even if you couldn't be more different from each other. Again, I'm saying this from the perspective of a woman who's never gone there unaccompanied by a man, so I can't say how comfortable I'd be with the clientele if there were more factors. As it stands, though, I agree with the previous reviewer, 'cause I "always enjoy the culture here".

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    OK, I am a bit biased in favor of the cool factor of the Greenwich because I saw my total hip-cat stepdad play in his middle-aged guy jazz combo here when I was visiting home.

    The Greenwich is a jazz club and bar that frequently hosts jazz and other nights. The drinks won't be the fanciest you've ever had, but they will be cheap! I grew up in Cincinnati and never really checked this place out until my recent visit, but I'd definitely head here again.

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    always enjoy the culture here

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