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    Probably one of the better hookah lounges I have been to in the area.

    They have a great selection of tobacco flavors and the atmosphere was as expected. I felt like I was back in Lebanon enjoying some fine hookah (loud arabic music, close cushioned seating etc)

    We went on a Sat night which is usually busy (good sign) so we put our names on a list and we received a phone call as soon as our seats were ready. We were seated and served immediately.

    The only reason this place gets 4 stars and not 5 is because its a little pricey and the food selection wasnt as it was in the past. But hey, this is a hookah lounge so the hookah is the focus.

    Great place and highly recommended.

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    Great hookah and atmosphere. Too damn cold though, the heat was supposedly on but since door kept opening didn't make a difference.

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    Really shady location but I guess that would make Habibi's a hidden gem.

    Very traditional environment and as hip as I try to be, it wasn't my scene. I felt really claustrophobic when I was here and not very relaxed. It didn't help that I came on an extremely busy night. The shisha itself was very good but I didn't think it was superior to Nile or Sheesha Lounge.

    Service was great; the woman helping us was super attentive and nice. Don't think I'll return though since there are more favorable options so close.

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