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    My bro I mentiond spent a rough ten years of his life chillin here. He fell into a trap but dint regret it. I was too young then to come chill wit him hear but by the time I was legal to drink alcohol I had already dipped out to da big apple.

    I could see why no one would right a review for this place. U will probably find mostly crack heads, prostitutes, and real insane people chillin hear during the day. Then some lehigh fools comin in at nite lookin 2 drink bud light n get they parents credit cards robbed. Ur going see alot of smoke here, nice people but pretty nuts, cheap drinks but it feels like ur crazy uncle's livin room. But sometimes the crazy peeps is funny as hell. U'll meet them here. I walked in n the first thing a pirate-lookin dude said was, "Get out while you can," laughing. Siggy Froyd said behind jokes is truth. Yeh. I dint even mention my bro 2 these peeps. Drank a beer n a shot n dipped.

    On my way out I had 2 step over a woman passed out in the doorway. At 2 PM. Damn. Would not have went if I wasnt exploring the old hood n thought of my bro. If u have SSI and ur apartment is depressing u mite like it hear. Others mite find it funny. I jhust give props to them strugglin n wish u the best.

    Im spendin my dough at the casino!!!!!!

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