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    My waiter asked me questions such as:  "do you know what quinoa is?" And "do you know what sockeye is". Of course I do ya dipshit...these are staples in my freezer and cupboard, If I didn't know what these items were I would probably be at one of 50 tex mex places down the street.  I really wasn't expecting much, and I didn't get much. The salmon was so well done its fat was congealed and curdling out of its meaty goodness. The vegetables were horribly cooked too.  Cauliflower didn't even have an attempt of seasoning and the asparagus was so woody and thick it was inedible.  Basically the place was crap.  To say something good, the wait staff was friendly.  But the food is crap on a plate.

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    This place really trys and everyone is friendly. The staff was nice but not very attentive since it was a buffett.  Took a while to get our omelete and it just want that great.  The food is just average at best. Went for the Brunch and I just did not like it.  Everything was very bland.

    Example. Lots of meats but not much on the veges.  No sauces so it was hard to eat.  This is actually the second time I went there and it is just no up to snuff.!

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    Whoever said healthy wasn't delicious hasn't eaten here.

    I had the lobster bisque and the reboot juice - they were both amazingly delicious. I also ordered a pizza on the recommendation of my server and it was just okay. I was so happy to find a healthy place to eat in Houston, but in my opinion it is a little spendy.

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