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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    This is by far the best hookah lounge in the valley.

    Great variety of hookah flavors, and awesome authentic turkish menu. I strongly suggest the breakup sandwich (Melted nutella, peanut butter, marshmallow, and banana panini!!) and the blueberry green tea. They're by far my favorites.

    Open mic nights on monday and thursday (I believe) always offer some great locally talented artists that you can listen to while hanging out on the couches.

    The staff is all really nice, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the overall experience is super chill.

    Plus its BYOB(:

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    This place is trashy and the service is terrible. I have to stay two or three nights in Bethlehem every couple of months and I have to say... skip this place. I enjoy hookah lounges but the two in Bethlehem that I have been to do not hold a candle to the ones in Jersey. The flavors are fine but the patrons, atmosphere and attitude of the wait staff sinks Hookah Turka.

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    If I could give this pace zero stars I would. I have plenty of experience with hookah and hookah bars and this place is ridiculously disappointing.

    I pack and smoke friends hookah and also go weekly to the hookah lounges at Penn State. I was home visiting friends and they suggested to go to Hookah Turka. I had never been there but they said it was really nice. Let me tell you my story...

    First off, everyone who is smoking needs their own hose. That, my friends, is a complete waste of money and their way of screwing you over. We had a party of 6 so we ordered 2 3 hose hookahs. For a party of six, 1 three hose hookah would be fine. A two hose hookah is usually enough for 8 people to enjoy in my experience. This is their first way to rip you off. Secondly, the prices are outrageous but apparently not the most expensive in the area. $16 for three hose? Really...come on now. So we had to get two hookahs totaling $32. For that, we could have almost bought our own hookah. Third, they get off at charging you tax twice. The menu said $16 per hookah. Our bill came out to $16.96 for each hookah. Extra flavor is two dollars but on our bill it was $2.12. So those taxed hookah prices were added to create a subtotal which was taxed again. EVEN MORE they charged us $5 something tip which you'll see why they didn't deserve. Also, when I was re-reading the menu, I saw their notices that non-smokers must buy at least a $3 drink and anyone who wants to BYOB is charged $2. Really? I am going to pay you so I can drink my own beer? Never in my life have I been charged to drink my own alcohol unless it was bottle service were they actually do work and serve you. Ok, so yeah they definitely screw you out of your own money, but I can get over that for good service, but I can't even give them that.

    We made reservations for 10:30 and ordered almost immediately. From the time we ordered, it took over 30 minutes to receive our hookah. At home, I can pack hookah in less than 10. Every place I go to at school takes less than 10. Why would I want to wait 30 minutes and then tip you?

    Even more, I had the audacity to order a drink which took another 15 minutes. When the server brought my drink he said, and i quote, "Did anybody order a lemonade. Wow man, I'm so glad I remembered that." Like really? Your job is prepare hookah and serve drinks. Get your act together.

    The hookahs we ended up having were mediocre at best. The one hookah hit alright but the other one we got was weak at best. We had 6 people trying to get the one hookah to start up for about 20 minutes and it never hit right the entire time we were there. Part of the problem I think is the tips that they use for "sanitary" reasons. The male tips were far too thin for the hoses they were using. The tips did not fit and slipped out of half of our hoses. You would try to take a hit and end up with a tip in the back of your throat. We ended up dropping one on the floor and were unable to get service to have a replacement. Honestly, I have used male and female tips at several hookah places and this was the only hookah lounge where I felt they were just terrible.

    The only pro of our trip was the flavors. Even though the hookah itself was mediocre and expensive, the flavors were delicious. If I wasn't with a group of friends I would have complained and attempted to get a replacement hookah but really, I don't think I would have wanted to wait around for another half hour so they could pack another one.

    Honestly, there are not many hookah bars in the Lehigh Valley and if this is where you have to go then I don't blame you. But I will never return. I would rather put up with crappy music and half-naked servers at Essence before returning to Hookah Turka.

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