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    This pertains to the van/truck behind the castle.

    Might be best to just stick to the sandwiches, the dinners are kind of a rip ($15) for what you get. The brisket and pork are excellent however, and well worth the try, but I would like a bit more of a classic smokiness (mesquite, hickory or oak).  So so BBQ sauce (too sweet for my liking),  cole slaw was bland and too goopy, corn salad not very  tasty either, beans are just common canned.

    Would be better if they sold just meat by the pound otherwise you can get full slab or half slabs, whatever that is. Trailer help kind lack some common nicety, but the pit master's  "wife" will give you the tour with all the southern kindness in world.

    One simple inocent question like "whats in the corn salad" was met with "you'll just have to just try it". Yeah, ok, forget the matter of allergies and what not, and maybe I don't like sour cream in my corn bread.  Nothing turns me off more than attitude at a food joint. Wll have to try Buddy's next time.

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    Small dive w/ short menu. Redneck wrap deserves 4 stars. But not a place for fine dinning. Not a family place. Small bar attached with friendly patrons. A must if your looking for an Alaskan hole in the wall.

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