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    This is without a doubt one of the worst restaurants I have ever been .. This place has POOR food and Horrible service ..
    The Decor is Horrible and same on you Groupon for even offering a place like this restaurant..
    I wil NEVER return to this place EVER

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    Went this evening (Thurs) Wife and I waited almost 1 hour for dinner then told they ran out???? Comedy was disappointing and I have heard many comments. And the nerve to charge $10.00 pp..Never again...

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    Some restaurants purposely try to look run down as a gimmick... this one really is run down.

    During lunch, only the front patio area was open. The bartender was a smiling one-man show-- host, server, bartender, and busser. Somehow he still found the right times to check up on us and bring the food out in a timely manner. He did seem totally unprepared for our Groupon use and disappeared for quite some time to give us our discount.

    Our sandwiches were good but not extraordinary--rather plain. Although my Rueben was stuffed with meat, after a few bites it actually became pretty boring. The bartender's un-asked offer of the homemade honey mustard sauce was welcomed although it didn't pair well with either sandwich. But my French-Fry inner religion was overjoyed at the included side: very crispy, lightly seasoned and obviously homemade.

    I pitied the lone bartender and didn't enjoy the visual of a Port-O-John sitting outside the main entrance of the restaurant.

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