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    I love a good dive bar and when I found out I was moving to this area I did research on local bars and restaurants.  Joe's seemed to be my kind of place and I looked forward to hopefully finding a place where I could become sort of a "regular".  I had high hopes for Joe's.  What is kind of killing that feeling for me is there is this sign up at the bar that says "No Cussing" or cursing, something like that.  At first I thought this had to be a joke, I mean come on it's a drive bar!  But as I was talking to some of the "regulars"  a couple of them told me that it's just the older woman bartender that enforces that rule so watch it around her but another person told me that they cuss all the time and no one has ever said anything.  Now, I'm not saying I HAVE to cuss but seeing that sign while I'm drinking keeps me from relaxing and just leaves me a bit confused.  BUT, I am definitely willing to give another try.

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    A dive spot in Bethlehem PA.  $2.25 drafts are always ready for you.  It's dark and smells of stale cigarette smoke, with a juke box (the new glorified iPod kind) waiting to play your favorite songs.  Definitely worth a stop for a drink or two if you're into small, friendly, divey places.

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    Joe's Tavern is the best "pound for pound" bar in Bethlehem! Sure, it may smell like cigarettes and fried food, but everyone who remembers who you are knows your name! For some reason the hamburgers are super good, like, really really good. It's a bit odd. You can't beat the prices even though the clientele mayyyy sometimes leave a bit to be desired.

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