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    A "well-seasoned" venue - wonderful acoustics, great seating & atmosphere. Highly recommend.

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    Have a friend in town? Looking for a cheap unique date? Bored on a Tuesday night? Get some culture at New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall! Not only is this concert hall a historic landmark, there are first-rate classical performances almost every night by solo recitals, chamber orchestras, choirs, symphonies, etc. The venue is just the right balance of spacious and cozy, with ample seating and outstanding acoustics.

    Located right next to downtown Boston, it's so convenient, affordable, and accessible for anyone with the remotest interest in classical music. Not a lot of people outside of BoCo/NEC seem to know about or take advantage of this local treasure, but they really ought to. I live in north of the River, and I wish I had discovered this place earlier!

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    One thing that no other reviewer seems to have mentioned is that most of the seating is on some kind of angle. I can't tell if the seats are on an angle as well as the floor, but I found the seats really uncomfortable in heels because I kept sliding out. The balcony floor is wooden and a little slippery--again, might be a problem in heels.

    There's no bad seat in the building, that's for sure, and the Boston Baroque is lovely to watch and hear. I wish we were able to attend more frequently.

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