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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Kelly's is a pretty solid spot for brunch.  They had a special eggs benedict with a shallot garlic bernaise that Kim loved, and I had the biscuits & gravy special, which was tasty and unique, although I would have preferred that my fried eggs be served over the gravy in true heart attack style.  The $3 mimosas are sweet, so overall a good deal.  My only frustration is that our waiter asked us to move to a high top near the bar after we finished our breakfast and were still sipping our mimosas.  I understand the need to churn tables, but he should have seated us there first.

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    Kelly's has the greatest breakfast in Clearwater. Very fresh Greenwich Village type of place. Very cool. I use to come here so much when I lived in Fl. OMG I love Kelly's. pancakes waffles omlettes everything. is so good here. I've never had lunch or dinner here.its got to be good if its anything like its breakfast.

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    We used to love Kelly's, but I won't be returning. We were to meet some people there on a Sunday morning a few weeks ago. My husband went to check the patio to see if they were already seated & were waiting for us while I stayed by the hostess station. The hostess, after assisting another customer asked if I had a reservation. I explained that we did not, but that my husband was checking to see if our party had already been sat. She, in an extremely haughty, gruff manner, firmly stated, "We do not seat incomplete parties". Well, guess, what? That's an insane policy & the delivery of your policy has guaranteed that you will never have to seat me again. Kelly's, while they serve decent & sometimes great food, has gotten a big head if they've resorted to treating customers this way..

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