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    King Pinz was one stop of several on a triple-date night with some great friends.    The location is easy to get to - lots of parking.  One of the guys made reservations and I'm glad he did - we would've been waiting awhile otherwise.  It was nice to head right in and get bowling.  

    The staff at the cashier were extremely friendly, especially one gal I wish I had the name of; she was very friendly and happy to be there.  The wait staff was also very attentive and friendly though they were pushing the beverages very strongly - that obviously is their profit center.  The TV projection behind the lanes was pretty sweet - having the Nats game live was more fun for me than the bowling itself.

    The bowling itself was fine - plenty of clean new bowling balls, the return was unusually fast, the LCDs were new and bright.  The deck was well cleaned, no scratches or dings.  

    The problem with King Pinz is that the seating areas are extremely compact - you have to step over each other just to get up to the lanes - makes for a tight experience.  With 6 people, it was almost unenjoyable.  If it weren't for the great company, we wouldn't have finished the round.  As it was, we left after a single game opting for somewhere with more room and better food.

    That's why I won't be back - the service was great, even very friendly, but the core part of the experience was no good.

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    I'm seeing some people complain about their bills being over $100... my story should make you feel a lot better.

    Went in on a Sunday with 3 friends, and 4 kids between us (total of 8 people). Waited a while for a lane to open (we actually had 2 lanes, I think). Bowled 3 games, shoe rentals, got the kids some drinks, a pizza, and the cookie shooters (which are pretty cool). Also ordered one round of mixed drinks for the adults. I expected it to be a pretty high bill, but was shocked when the total was almost $500!!!

    $500... for bowling. I paid $500... to bowl.

    That one really hurt. It was our own fault for not grasping that we were being charged for 8 people per game. I'm not really complaining, just trying to make you guys who were shocked at $100 bills feel a little better about your outing.

    Overall, it was fun- but not even remotely worth what we paid. The place is very clean, big TV screens above the lanes, and the food is average. It's a nice place... but very expensive. Have fun, but be mindful of what you're paying... to bowl.

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    I have been to King Pinz before with my friends and were always told what the price for each game was at the counter when checking in.  This time, the front desk guy told us simply that it was "$8 a game".  

    WOW!  On a Friday night it's going to be only "$8 a game"?  We'll do two!  Well, after finishing up our 2 games we asked our waiter (or bartender- not sure) how much an additional game would be.  The waiter (or bartender) told us it would be "$8 a game".  Awesome!  

    So we tacked on another game as well as another 100 Oz beer tube thing.  After we finished our game and our drinks, we asked for the bill.  ONE HUNDRED AN SIXTY DOLLARS LATER we came to the realization that it was "$8 a game" PER PERSON.  

    Not only did we ask twice the price for the price of the games, but we were intentionally duped into believe that the games were only $8.  What was their response to my claim of highway robbery?  "Well, it's kind of implied".  Implied?  That's the service & value of your dollar you get at King Pinz.  Got to Dulles Golf Center and play putt-putt because at least you know there it's $8 a person per round.  Ridiculous.  Wont be back.

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