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    We stopped at King's last night during the First Friday celebration, intending to enjoy live music, sip a beer or two, and relax after walking around for hours.

    We stood at the outdoor bar for close to 5 minutes, waiting for someone to acknowledge our presence. As the servers and bartender chatted, laughed, and joked around, we finally interrupted and asked if we were supposed to go order somewhere else. One of the servers flippantly told us "we have, like, 7000 things going on! Hang on!"

    We were finally able to get two beers (and had to ask three times for a cup of water) and then sat ourselves. Our glasses were cleared, but we were never offered another drink, nor could we get the attention of any of the servers or the bartender we flagged down.

    I have never experienced service this abysmal, and will absolutely never return. Reading these other reviews, I'm glad now that we decided against trying to get food.

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    Stopped by to get some AC action on a hot day. We were next door at the bakery (same owner). Wines were pretty overpriced and server couldn't tell me anything about them. Summer shandy was nice. Strange and deserted looking joint, but might have been on account that we went on a holiday.

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    Ahhh I feel so stupid!!! My husband and I just ate here for dinner. Bad service, bad food, and bad management. 45 minutes for one order of fish and chips. The worst part is the server ignored us while we waited. Why didn't we read the reviews first?? We have no one to blame but ourselves.

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