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    For lunch today: LaVida's Extra Touch Deli Cheeseburger on Ciabatta bread. It is simply amazing! My future Mother in law owns a deli on Gilbert Ave in Walnut Hills, and she makes THE best burgers in the city, as well as yams, Mac & cheese, I could go on & on. Check her out, u won't be disappointed!

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    WoooHoooo.... Let me share this with you... this spot is off the charts. The owner is real and very kool but most of all, her foods are totally rockin', fresh and delish!!!
    LaVida's sells it all, wraps, full dinners, she caters with advance notice and deposit. LaVida's offers, salads, sandwiches, breakfast lunch and dinner!!

    I stopped thru while visiting relatives and tried the chicken melt and double-decker bacon, lettuce and tomato. I got a dinner to go for my mother and she had the turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans with a corn muffin....Swwwiingin! and I will add photos.

    Other items on the menu are, soups, melts, fish, burgers, chips, soda's and occasional deserts. LaVida's does not have a website, but truly she doesn't need one so I am putting her on the map! Well she kinda did that herself with all that good food sizzlin' up in there:-)

    I will download photos of her menu soon...... I'm tellin' ya, when in the Nasty Nati' (as its called) be SURE to stop in and say hello to Pam, ...you won't be able to resist placing an order, its a MUST :-)

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