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    Level 3 Lounge!

    I came here for my bestfriends birthday party on a Saturday night. My bestfriend has been here before and assured me that this was an awesome, upscale, fun establishment.
    Walking in, my first thought was how beautiful the entrance was, we then got into an elevator and proceeded to Level 3. The lounge has a beautiful square shaped center bar with great seating surrounding it. There is also a stunning rooftop area boardered with private cabanas. What makes this great is that, unlike the city, you don't have to pay for the seating (inside/out), all you need to do is call 2 weeks in advance to reserve a cabana.
    I gave it 3 stars because when we first got in it seemed to be more of an afterwork spot rather than a lounge/dance club. It did not have the feel of a lounge instead the place was 60% lit, and the music was low enough for you to hear each other lol. The outdoor cabana section was not open yet, and it seemed to be targeted to one crowd according to the music. My first thought was, OMG i need a drink if I am going to survive this. I waited at the bar trying to flag someone down for about 15 minutes. Mind you, there were four people behing the bar. The guy then tells me that he is not a bartender and did not even try to tell someone who was a bartender that I was ready to order. I then waited another 10minutes until some lady came up to me and asked if I wanted her to get me something and I said yes (thinking that she worked there). No, she did not work there but managed to get my whole party some drinks.
    The music was not up to par. It wasn't even Top40. I dont even know what genre of music it was but it wasn't geared towards a mellow lounge crowd.

    Honestly, my friend assured me that we have to come back during the summer to get the full effect of the lounge. So hopefully I will be updating my review in a couple of months.

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    My friend and I have heard and read mixed reviews about this place. So on Saturday we decided to try it out. We got there around 11pm and it was packed. We noticed we were probably the youngest people there (early 20's). The age range was 25 and up. The crowd consisted of professional people.  We met some very friendly people and we enjoyed the music choice the DJ played. My friend and I thought it was strange that it started to die out around 12. Also I think they should have more than five bartenders serving people. Overall we had a great time and we definitely will go back to this place.

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    The good:
    -Hands down, the best, most upscale location in the area to enjoy a drink in the summer.
    -Absolutely gorgeous layout - you will feel like you are at a rooftop bar in NYC, minus the skyline views.
    -Romantic fire pits, cabanas, and lounge-y sofas.
    -Gorgeous bar.
    -Great, upscale twist on bar food.
    -Creative drinks.
    -Usually a very nice, fun, professional crowd.

    The bad:
    -Service ranges from indifferent to snooty. Servers/bartenders seem to forget that they are in the service industry and that people who are paying $12 for drinks expect to be treated well, not as an irritation.
    -Ridiculous system of reserving cabanas that often sit empty for HOURS while other customers have to stand.
    -Pricey, sometimes overly so.

    Overall, I come here at least once a year to enjoy the beautiful ambience. Perfect place for a date or a girls' night out. The only reason I don't come here regularly is because I don't feel they appreciate the business. If they would hire friendlier bartenders and servers, this would be my #1 place to go.

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