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  • Has TV
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  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Damn this place caught me off guard!!

    Teh mulenburg mamasitas blowin my mind

    Staff was chill as hell. This is how u run it.

    Heard the food is bomb 2. I know wear I'm goin for lunch this weekend

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    I've been meaning to review this place for a while.  It's really a great place in many many ways except for one thing, you can smoke in here.  Very disappointing.  But the beer selection, especially draft, is EXCELLENT.  The prices are ok, the food is great for a bar particularly the pizza and the clientele is about as normal as you are going to get at a bar in Allentown.  If you are in the area it's definitely worth a stop and if you can get there before 9'ish I'd go out of my way to get there.  If anyone in charge is reading this... stop allowing smoking.  You are hurting your business, your customers and your employees.  If people want to smoke put up an awning for them to go outside.

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    Food is amazing, beer selection is amazing, prices are reasonable, staff are amazing. Be warned, if you aren't a snobby, hipster Muhlenburg college kid, you might want to be out of there by 10. Otherwise the smugness might suffocate you.

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