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    Seeing as I've been on Yelp for quite some time & have never written a review I figured why not start with my all-time, hands doooooown, favorite favorite place to go..EVER.

    I cannot say enough good things about this establishment!  Let's start with the beers.

    Mmmmm..my boyfriend is HUGE on beer.  He is the one that introduced me to Lord Hobo.  (He actually loves this place so much he has a crown tattoo on his shoulder!)  The selection is always fresh and rotating.  There's been so many visits where he would freak out saying, "I NEVER SEE THIS!!"  We just went last night & experienced the w00tstout by Stone Brewing on draught.  The 13% abv gave me a nice buzz and the wheat, rye pecans & vanilla made it a nice after dinner treat.  Bottom line, if you are a beer geek/ beer enthusiast you HAVE to visit Lord Hobo.

    Not only are the beers amazing but the mixed drinks are too something to rave about.  I bartend at a martini bar in Downtown Lowell & have pretty high standards when it comes to a mixed drink.  The bartenders here know the perfect equation needed for a good one!  All of the cocktails are strong, well balanced between booze & flavor, and there's a beautiful variety of types of alcohol concoctions so everyone's happy :]

    The food!!!!  Oh my.   I WOULD KILL FOR THEIR TRUFFLE FRIES!  No, but seriously.  The chef, Nick Gardner, is one extremely talented man.  The menu has appetizers that are all drool worthy.  We tried the BBQ Shrimp last night with olive oil bread and tabasco cherries..I was so blown away.  I mean, shrimp & cherries?!  I never would have thought.  

    Also, two words- PORK. BELLY.

    Main courses are generally crafted and perfected.  We threw a birthday dinner here and I remember every single person out of our party of 10+ was more than happy with their dishes.  I don't know how they cook their steak but it is like no other.  I highly recommend the steak!

    Service has always been on point.   Servers look like they're actually having fun and enjoying 'work'!  That's a major thing-  happy servers mean happy customers.  Everyone is very knowledgeable of the entire menu and there's never a long wait to get help.  

    I need to do brunch here.  That's our next to-do!  I really hope this review reaches all potential 'foodies' & 'beer snobs' that are looking for their next jewel.  Lord Hobo is everything you've always hoped for.  Thanks for reading my review!

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    Great service, the food was excellent and the beer selection was top notch.

    What would it take to make it 5 stars? Outdoor seating. This is very cave-like, and while that's fun for a while, it makes you very sleepy after awhile.


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    I've been here a couple of times and I thought it was excellent for what it was. First of all, the beer list is excellent and curated by passionate, knowledgeable beer drinkers. The beer list is also very interesting, and often they will have things on draft that you can't have anywhere else in the city, or you can't buy in a bottle/can. The prices are not expensive given what they are selling. To make things better, the times I've been here, it hasn't been very loud. I don't like loud bars. I want to have a conversation, not shout over obnoxious music. Not an issue when I've been here. Thumbs up, and I don't usually like bars.

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