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    I've been a long-time fan of Los Toltecos over in the Cascades Area, so I was ecstatic when they opened another location within walking distance of my house.  Went for the first time and I have mixed feelings.  

    Food I would give 4 stars.  Light, crispy, excellent tortilla chips and chunky flavorful salsa.  Good mole sauce.  Good portion sizes and reasonable prices.  Love it.  Also, I'm a Coke addict and they serve Coke products, so two-thumbs-up there.

    Atmosphere is nice - orange walls with festive colored decorations, Mexican music playing in the background.

    Service I would give 2 stars.  Unenthusiastic.  Unresponsive.  I realize that can change from one night or one server to the next though, so I won't let that prevent me from going back.  

    Balancing out the 4 star food with the 2 star service, I give it 3 stars on my first visit.  Maybe next time will be better.  I guarantee I'll be back though - I LOVE the food and it's SO close to my house!

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    - Nice enough wait staff.
    - Food was out quickly.

    - Chips were average;
    - Salsa was decent, although tasted store bought.

    - Entree food quality was poor.
    - Charged $3 more for breakfast burrito at 3pm.
    - Half a plate of rice and a 6" length burrito w/ about a 1 in circumference; rice could have fed an army, but the burrito wouldn't feed a child.

    Living in San Diego for almost a decade really puts this place to shame.  Only reason it didn't get one star was because the chips and salsa (both store bought) were decent and the wait staff was attentive.

    My tiny breakfast burrito, with horrible eggs and other ingredients, at 3pm cost $3 more than the listed price and was augmented by 3/4 of a plate of rice and no beans.  I basically paid for rice and a tortilla wrap.  I cannot stress how bad the eggs were; there is no way they were real.

    Go to El Sol Azteca.  Their appetizer chips are stale, but their food (entrees) are far superior.

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    We had an awful service experience there. The server that we had seemed very unfriendly and when we asked something it seemed as though it was such an inconvenience to him and gave us dirty looks. He also would start to walk away before we were done talking to him.  One lady asked for sour cream. He came back with a bowl of sour cream. Then on the bill we came to find out we were charged $1.25 for it the meal should have come with the sour cream. We also had a spill at our table and it felt as though he couldn't be bothered to help us clean it up. Nor did he bring extra napkins to the table when we were done cleaning it up ourselves. When it came to the bill we asked to have it split. Again we got a dirty look from the server. One of the ladies asked to see the bill before he split it and he refused to let her look at it, and he was like why? We did ask them to remove the charge for the extra sour cream but not without another dirty look and rudely walking away. I think we had nicer service from the lady that removed our plates from the table.

    Finally for some reason the water that we all had tasted awful. If it wasn't for the fact that I was one of three pregnant moms at the table we should have just waited for the restraunt down the road to open. :/

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