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    If you walk into the bar at the Mandarin, you can't expect it to be a cheap drink. That being said, the sliders are probably the reason I come here probably monthly. I don't even like burgers, but their sliders are just perfect. Do yourself a favor and just try them. They recently branched out and started doing different types of sliders but i'm a big fan of the original beef slider with carmelized onions. they don't over do anything on the small appetizer.

    the atmosphere is comfortable. i'm more a regular patron on weekday evenings. when it's not as packed because i don't like it too loud because it really is a lounge and when it gets packed it's hard to enjoy food sitting down. when it does get packed on the weekends or if they have a live band playing it's a little bit much for me. but then again you have to be in that kind of mood. the vibe is really the 30-40 after work single crowd at the bar. if that's your scene it's actually great!  

    Given all of that, I still go with some regularity. The service is great - more specifically all the waiters and waitresses are really friendly, patient and personable. that doesn't mean when it gets busy they aren't a little slow bc they don't exactly overstaff for their crowded hours. it's really my place to go for a bite to eat when i don't feel like eating a giant meal but one of those meals of great appetizers. Side note, i also haven't had a bad drink there. The drink menu is delicious, just expensive.

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    Stopped in to try the Wagyu Burger, and man was it good. I stopped in between the lunch and dinner rush, around 4, and it was dead. However the bartenders were pretty nice. The Burger was nice and juicy, cook a tad over med rare, but the 5 year aged cheddar made up for it for sure. Also, the Aioli Mayo, and the onion strings and roasted tomatoes put this burger up there for sure. The burger came with a side of fries, which were just ok, nothing special about them, and a small salad, which looked good, but I didn't even try a bit.

    They also started with some tasty almonds and some awesome candied popcorn.

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    A bar at Mandarin Oriental in Boston. I found nothing special about this bar except the fact that it's part of luxury hotel. There is no personality, no great music(they play something), and it gets even worse if you are seated on the table where you can have food also.

    If you are going for drinks, strictly recommend to stay close to the bar - at least you feel like you are at the bar and it's somewhat happening. Also the drinks are not good. I tried Margarita and Bloody Mary and none of them was impressive. Waitress is busy and it took forever to grab her to get a check.

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