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    Free refills on soft drinks. Decent prices, air conditioning. A great way to take the family to a game and stay out of the heat.

    Get here early to get a balcony table (minimum $100 or so, but with 4 guys drinking at a ballgame, that's not a big deal).

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    Is it possible to feel nostalgic for an era that happened before one was even born?  If it is, then The Machine Room Grille at Great American Ballpark gives me that feeling.  The restaurant, located right above Adam Dunn in Left field, pays homage (big time) to the time when the Cincinnati Reds were actually a spectacularly good baseball franchise.  Memorabilia depicting stand-out players from The Big Red Machine (as the team was nicknamed in the 1970s) like Pete Rose and Johnny Bench clutter the pub-like atmosphere of the Machine Room Grill.  

    Contrary to popular belief, diners can visit the restaurant on days that the ballpark is not hosting a baseball game...the Machine Room is open Monday-Saturday year-round.  If you're looking for a real experience at the grill, though, visit the Machine Room on a day the Cincinnati Reds are at home.  If you call the restaurant early enough before game days you have the option of reserving one of the establishment's outdoor tables, giving you a great view of the game from seats more comfortable than most in the ballpark.  These tables have only one rule:  patrons must spend at least $100 per table. (Keep in mind that on game days you also have to have a valid ticket to enter the restaurant, though) It is pretty easy to fill up your tab, as the grill offers a full bar and some pretty delicious ballpark-style food.  

    Try the Montgomery Inn Pulled Pork sandwich for lunch or dinner before a game, it's somewhat expensive ($12, if I remember correctly) but it will absolutely stuff you, especially if you order the onion ring appetizer before you get your sandwich.  The rings are no ordinary fried treat; they're sliced 2 inches wide and dunked excessively in delicious beer batter.  The onion rings are served with three delicious dipping sauces, one of which is Montgomery Inn's famed barbeque.  

    If you haven't overloaded on calories in your first two courses, definitely check out the "Ultimate Gourmet Delight," which consists of deep-fried Twinkies and Oreos.  The Twinkies are worth the price alone...the Oreos lose their crunch in the frying process.

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