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    Yes, it's a smoky bar, but with good food. They ALLOW SMOKING, no kids under 18 ! They serve steamed clams, surf and turf (on weekends), good burgers, shrimp baskets, fried chicken, fish & chips, club sandwiches, etc.! The chef used to cook for another seafood joint in town, The Cove, before the owner retired...

    The bartenders are the owners' daughters, plus Natalie... they are all very nice!

    It's only smoky at the bar. They have music on weekends, and Irish specials for the St. Patty's Day celebration.... Yes, it's divey, but  if you like to party a little, have some good food and drinks, I think you'd have a good time here!

    Probably the best place for food in the area with a smoking license (who would have ever thunk, you'd need a smoking license??).

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    I went in here for St. Pat's day thinking it was a decent restaurant, and not just a bar, since it describes itself as a "family restaurant." Leave the kids at home. This is your typical smoky bar. The crowd, like the decor, looked old and tired. I will not make the mistake of going there again.

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