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    I pretty much go when I'm dragged out to celebrate a friends birthday. Nightclubs are just not some place I enjoy. I'd disagree w/ a few other comments. I don't think it's trashy. Have you been to Club Horizon? Okay the last time I went the power went out and we were told 20 more minutes, every 20 minutes.  But I wasn't harassed - they reserved VIP seats so we weren't really bothered at all. I've only went on Friday and Saturday. It's nice to see some of the old folks come out and party. My friends do like to call it Spain Gate - it's mostly a large Hispanic crowd and for the longest while it's been Latin Night on Fridays which is great if you like that kind of music. But i wish I could see what was "trashy" about Main Gate, i just don't see it. I've been there a handful of times (never my choice) but never a disappointment. I believe if you get there early enough you get in for free and if not it's just $4-5. If you get there early enough I believe your entrance includes a free drink! How cool I though.

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    I couldn't agree with Evan more! This place is extremely trashy. It has lots of bars that is correct, but they seem dirty and gross. There are way to many locals here and people get out of hand as security turns a blind eye.  The music does suck, in my opinion. The DJ's are terrible!!! I wouldn't go to this place unless you are really desperate. Also, be careful, for some reason they have been throwing teen nights every week. Stay away unless you want to visit a trashy club.

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    This place is dirty and just not that great. Sadly, there aren't that many  "nightclubs" in the area that are better then this. College night is the first Thursday of the month (i think) so that's the only time you'll see different people. Every other night it's pretty much the same crowd, women who need to put more clothes on and men that probably have ankle bracelets under they're jeans. Frankly, I'd rather not go out then have to go here.

     Like Evan said, the place is huge. It does have 3 bars, which makes it easy to get a drink, but stay with easy stuff (vodka and cranberry, rum and coke, etc.) because complicated isn't done very well.

    It's really a shame this place isn't better. It's in a very decent area and has a lot of potential, but they are definitely not living up to it.

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