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    Had a great time visiting McCauley's tonight.  Our first time and Laura our server was great.  Had the 1/2 order of quesidillas and a pizza.  Food was really good.  Price was great.  Service was excellent.  Would have given 5 stars, but no Irish beers on tap.

    We will be going back for Trivia night on Wednesday's.

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    Nice local bar with Great Pizza. All food is really good..

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    great local bar.  above average food (great pizza) and strong drinks.  there are normally enough bartenders (the good ones too, that have seen it all) working that you don't have to ask for another drink.  most everyone knows each other, but as an outsider, they treat you well.  don't trust the open sign and enter on the far right door.  once in, the place is pretty big.  the bar is a large oval in the center, while there are high tables, booths, and communal high tables that can seat a large party of a few parties on the closet side  on the opposite side are the pool tables, more high tables, & dartboards (real ones, not the auto-score ones).  decent TVs along the perimeter, but only one in the center of the bar.  they could definitely use a couple more.  bottom line, very good food, great bartenders, a good crowd, & most importantly strong drinks.

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