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    One of the better looking McD's that I ever been to.

    The place is 100% renovated and it shows.

    The inside is set up with four TV's on a central wall with one facing in each direction.

    Several booths have a game system that you can play while waiting for you food, since there usually is a wait, or while you're eating.

    The downside to that system is that it's not uncommon to see employees who are, I guess on break, sitting at these booths and playing themselves.

    Overall we've never encountered any rude employees and aside from the occasional slow wait for our food things have been very positive here.  

    This is a decent place to stop before or after a visit to the LV Zoo.

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    BAD SERVICE.   Don't bother going inside.   You could be the only one at the counter and at least a dozen cars driving through will get their order before you do.  If you order a McFlurrie or a Smoothie, the rude staff will make you feel like you inconvienced them because they have to make it.  The manager does not appear to want to help the staff in anyway, and never makes eye contact with me or other customers.  POOR SERVICE.  Too bad my kids enjoy an occasional McDonald's treat, otherwise I would never stop here ever again!!!!!

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    This is the worst McDonalds I have ever been to. What Aaron said is dead on. The drive thru service is more of a crawl through service. The staff is mostly rude and inattentive resulting in incomplete orders and/or receiving the wrong food. The construction has taken months and is in progress. Being the only McDonalds for probably 10 miles each way they keep getting customers due to a lack of other fast food options.

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