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    Never again!! Too bad there isn't 0 stars! If you like a total DIVE bar with a bunch of local drunks....This place is for you! Very small, dirty, stinky. Came here for a drink to get out of my hotel room. I was in there a matter of 5 minutes. A drunk by the man of Carlos came up to me and started trying to hit on me. He kept repeated himself and trying to kiss me. No one even tried to help me. I became scared and left. I do NOT recommend this place.
    Next day... Found out by my driver....if you are a stranger...you are disliked...that is why all the locals allowed the drunk to grope me until I was almost in tears.

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    growing up in fairbanks you're given the impression that the mecca is a scary bar that the local natives will kick you out of if you try to enter.  but then you get drunk enough one night and stumble in there after a delicious fancy dinner and drinks at lavelles and you discover a total GOLDMINE.  the place is so ridiculously local.  every time i go i see the same people and they're all so kind.  the juke box is rockin' the local native people are so cool and friendly buyin shots and takin pictures.  beware: the shots are full of monarch and STRONG but thats part of the experience.  last time i was there the sweet man in the wheelchair gave me a handmade alaskan necklace with ivory. so sweet!!  i love dropping in here before a wild night out.

    but if you're an obnoxious drunk that causes trouble please stay away.  i know this place has gotten a bad rep because stupid people go in there acting disprespectful.  this place is seriously like a sanctuary to the local downtown people and it should be left that way :)

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    Alrighty!  I finally made it back to Mecca!  This time it wasn't in the dead of winter, but in the heat of summer!

    It was chock full of people from the Midnight Sun Festival, and was by far the smokiest bar I've ever been too...ever! :P

    I like it better in January ;)

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