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    Came to Memorial Hall for the Music NOW 2013 festival to see Glen Hansard and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus.  The life-changing festival concert aside, the venue is absolutely gorgeous and beyond historically impressive.  We got there early enough to walk around get a true view of the building itself.  There are amazing historical pieces and documents all around the building, including some historical pieces showing the german history of the city of Cincinnati itself.  I look forward to the next opportunity I will find to visit this place and enjoy another phenominal music experience!

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    Beautiful space. Needs a bit of love, but Cincinnati is fortunate to have this type of facility.

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    I just recently shot a wedding at this place and absolutely LOVE it!  Alot of the furniture and decor are orginal.  Colors pop everywhere you go.  I know I could spend hours just photographing one spot.  
    If I would've known back in 2003 about Memorial Hall, I would have had my wedding ceremony/reception here.  It has so much character and history!

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