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    This is the best bar that I went to in Fairbanks..hands down!  

    It is "underground" and has  a cool cave feel.  There is a sandwich shop upstairs, so you can get your munchies on if you get hungry.  They have a jukebox, cheap drinks and great service.  

    If you sit at the bar and ring the bell, be prepared to pay for everyone's drinks! Oh, and CASH ONLY!!!

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    fave bar in town!
    super local but in the summer lots of tourists wander in since its downtown.  the mix of people makes it fun! jukebox plays only country/rock/the classics, if you're lookin for Todays Hip Hop Favorites ya best keep it steppin' you won't find it here.

    Best times to go: friday & saturday night, sunday afternoons for day drinking fun
    cash only, pool table, fooseball, darts, strong drinks, friendly bartenders. GO!

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    Been to this place twice and each time was a completely different experience.  The first time was a Sunday night over 4th of July weekend and this place was hopping!  Bar tender (Heather) was awesome and the crowd was fairly young, very lively and everyone very friendly.  Went again this past Friday night and I don't know if it was due to it being a bit warm or what, but this place was pretty dead.  The bartender was another girl who was more interested in getting off work so she could drink rather than do her job while behind the bar.  I still think this might be a good place to hang out, but as of now, the jury is still out.

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