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    Great music tonight R.Ring and Wussy

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    This really is "as good as it gets!"

    Every Friday during the summer, PNC Bank sponsors the MidPoint Indie Summer Series. The series takes place around 7:00 on Fridays and is completely free! I don't know if other cities offer anything this cool for free.

    National acts who have played the festival include We Are Scientists, Neon Indian, Maps & Atlases, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, and Margot and the Nuclear So and So's.

    Local bands who have played include Pomegranates, Wussy, Eat Sugar, The Ridges, The Cincy Brass, The Harlequins and Bad Veins!

    Even international acts like Camera Obscura have played!

    The beer is not necessarily cheap ($4 for a 12 oz cup of beer), but the free admission is well worth spending a little money on beer to see the great bands play. Afterwards it is always fun to go to MOTR in Over-the-Rhine to see a set by another great band or go to another bar and enjoy the city. Thankfully Cincinnati has such an amazing even every week. Check out the lineup and see if there are any bands you would like to see. Then buy a wristband for the actual MidPoint Music Festival in September!

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