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    The biggest turn off of this place, for me, is the consistently disengaged bar staff.  Talented mixologists, with an innovative drink list of "new school vs. old school cocktails", outstanding beer list .... And the bartender redeemed himself by doing a 180 and offering a superlative "old school, crafted" cocktail.  With 2 outdoor patios, hip music, and a nice menu - I'll have to get over myself and just enjoy.

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    I hadn't eaten at the Mint in quite a while. The first time I went was opening night and had delicious chicken and waffles. We decided to try it again last night.  

    We ordered the cheese board for an appetizer, which was incredibly robust. The variety of cheeses was broad as were the accompanying items. Instead of serving it with traditional crostinis that I often see, they served it with warm sliced pretzel bread. Such a treat!

    For drinks I opted for the Mary Pickford, which was a perfect summer night beverage. It was sweet but not overpowering, my compliments to the bartender.

    For the main course my husband and I both had the fried chicken and bacon donuts with blue cheese icing. It's as indulgent as it sounds.

    The chicken was cooked perfectly, crispy flavorful skin, and tender juicy meat. If it hadn't been served with anything else I would have been satisfied. However, the donuts really added to the seasoning of the chicken. They were dense, but not overpowering and certainly not sweet. There was also a side of a buffalo styled sauce, but with a more unique kick.

    Our waiter was awesome. He was that perfect mixture of attentive without being overbearing.  

    This is definitely a place to check out! The menu changes seasonally, and I know personally I will not take such a long gap of time before our next visit.

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    Decent. Limited choices (or maybe we're just not into new and creative foods...haha).  Had a cured meat sandwich and mom had burger.  Small menu and about 5 items were not available since they were changing their menu on two to three days and were phasing things out. Understandable, I guess.  Didn't do an drinks.  Might go back, maybe...

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