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    No food service because it doesn't have a separate, ventilated non smoking area. Came with 5 people a while back, they made us buy 2 hookahs. Note, it does not say anything about this on their official website. Were they trying to overcharge me and my friends? Who cares, I won't be back...

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    I've been to Moe's a few times and haven't really had any issues

    Service is decent, what you'd expect from a hookah bar. Nice tv's and nice seating.

    They do fruit heads on their hookahs which is what I really love; and also the fact that they use disposable hoses is nice because you know its clean and new.

    Prices are fair and reasonable; no cover charges or forcing anyone to buy anything like most hookah bars do. The hookah has always been good.

    I'll be back for sure.

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    It's a great place to chill, not too bad of a crowd.  It would've been better if it was more decorated.  You want the customers to feel like they're in an Arabian environment.  Service was good, music was good and the location is in a plaza.

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