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    Its weird that I set up this acount months ago but then I forgot about it lol til I am is staying wit my bro in allentown for a lil wile cuz of a family crisis I dont rilly want 2 talk about. n n e way we wuz grillin on the roof last nite n said sumthin about his parrokeet yapping n I thought he said yelpin. I said oh damn let me jump on dis! Cuz we been chillin all over the LV all weekend.

    First off all this place Molly's is legit. Mad chicks at nite dancin n havin a good time. Irish pub loud music you could be urself. I went Saturday night n mah dude Craig mad chill buyin everyone shots all night. Ihad buffalo wings to, they were off da hook. Seriously, even if you dont drink or dont like women go for the wings. **** I might go back tonight! lol. getchall playas cards out!!

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    I used to be a regular at Molly's, but I'll never set foot in here again.

    The service has been getting progressively more unprofessional, and this past St. Patrick's day was the breaking point.

    I was with four friends - also regulars - for some quick food and a couple of pitchers spur-of-the-moment on St. Patrick's day. To our surprise we got a table right away, and that's honestly where the good part of the story ends.

    Everything was "on special" for $1-5 more than it usually costs. Unfortunately we didn't realize this until we got the bill and compared it to the menu that Molly's has posted on their website. We were handed tiny menus and were hungry, so we ate without really thinking that they'd be pulling a scam like this. Why should we have assumed that?

    My grilled chicken sandwich was $10.95, instead of it's usual $7.95. My friend's corned beef and cabbage was $15.95/$16.95 (I don't remember exactly) to it's usual $11.95. Guinness was "on special" for $6 a pint!? Our waitress said Harp was $5 and pint and rang up $5.50. The pitchers of Harp we got we found out way too late were "on special" for $16 each!

    Anyway, they robbed us, and everyone else there, blind that night.

    Our waitress came over at a certain point and said that she was going behind the bar now, and would like for us to close out our tab. She suggested we stay there, but then just go get bar service. We agreed and paid our bill while she hovered over us. The second she got the signed receipts in her hand, however, she sent over two bouncers who evicted us from our table (which was NOT in the way of the "dance floor") because they needed to clear the area for dancing. After spending over $150 on four pitchers of beer, six pints and two entrees, they were ready to burn bridges.

    The management here is lackluster, to be polite, and a little creepy. The fact that they'd manipulate and deceive regular customers is bad business and I look forward to watching this place fall apart at the seams.

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    Molly's is a bar on Bethlehem's South Side that offers a wide array of micro/traditional beers, strong cocktails, and a surprisingly interesting menu comprised of traditional bar food with other interesting options. Formerly, the New St. Bridge Works, Molly's is an open space featuring an extensive bar, wide open dining room, and a small game room. Typically, Molly's has an interesting mix of students from Lehigh University and residents of Bethlehem. Molly's does offer a wide array of drink and food specials throughout the week that do a good job enticing people into the bar.

    The food at Molly's is typical bar food with a twist. They have many of the common bar options that many people would look for while at a bar including a large list of appetizers, burgers, and additional sandwiches. Beyond the traditional bar fare, Molly's does have an interesting menu of Irish themed platters and a surprisingly good vegetarian menu. Molly's food is not the best bar food in the Valley but it is far from the bottom. Since the menu is so big it will be able to please even the pickiest of eaters.

    Overall Molly's is a bar and not culinary Meca but they do take pride in offering reasonable food, in a fun atmosphere, in the South Side of Bethlehem. There are DJS there Thursday through Saturday so if that is not the type of scene you follow it might be best to check it out another day of the week.

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