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    I love Mr. D's. I am partial to bars that are not pretentious and that know how to mix a strong drink-- and Mr. D's is both of these. It is not scary or sketchy like some of it's neighbors *cough* The Gopher and Kom-ON-Inn*cough*. It is large, clean, and frequently has decent bands playing on Friday nights. There are food deals every day, and if I could talk my friends into it, I might just be there every day.

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    I like Mr. D's best when they have a good concert going on. Also a fun place to hang with friends. They have a nice stage area and the place gets packed and rockin. The food is good but otherwise i've never been impressed with the staff's attitude's and the waitresses have always been poor or neglectful.

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    Mr. D's has brought many old friends together and kept them at the bar with a tab that doesn't exceed the pocketbook.  Live music, cheap (and strong) drinks, lots of recognizable faces, and in the heart of West Duluth... Mr Ds really is the spot to go.  

    When I visit home this is my bar of choice.  I never fail to have a good time here or to see people I haven't seen for a long time.  It's a great place to catch up and get drunk together.  Nothing like nostalgia!

    I've never had any food, but I've heard it's pretty delicious.  I find it odd that there is a fish tank in this bar, but that is what makes it pretty charming.  I'm giving it a 5 star because I've never left without having fun or spending more than $25 (thanks to the old friends buying me drinks).  Even still, I'd prefer to come in here than go down to Grandma's on the weekend.  The crowd is usually a mix, but most of the people are my parents age, and it's fun to rock out to live music with everyone who doesn't care about all that and just are lookin to have some fun.

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