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    Musikfest is great for a day out, lots of different things going on to suit all tastes in arts and music. The food is NOMlicious. It gets really crowded on weekends, so go during the week if you can. Most of the food you have to purchase tickets for which is super annoying.

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    Two stars because I love MGMT.  That is the only reason I went here, but intended to check out the other events.  I felt like everything was so scattered, I didn't know what was going on. Very expensive to eat and drink, we had to stand in line to buy tickets to even get into another line to buy food or a drink.  And if you have leftover tickets, oh well.
    The city itself stinks.  I paid to park my car in a private lot. After the show, I went to my car and took a nap in my back seat. I was drug out of my car by 4 cops and thrown in jail for 5 hours, ultimately getting a citation for disturbing the peace.  It was so weird. I'll never go back there again.

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    My boyfriend took me to the last day of Musikfest when I came to visit him. I wasn't so sure about it when he told me about it, because we have similar things at home that I haven't been so amused with, but then I actually got there. I couldn't believe how huge this thing was.

    There are a lot of really different and interesting acts, some cool arts and crafts booths (handmade djembes and doumbeks! some sick shit), and tons of really great food. Also tons of prominently featured beer stands, hahaha. I didn't get any beer, but they have this mug that you can refill and get more beer for a little less, I think. Fireworks at the end of the night too! I ended up having way more fun than I could have hoped for. Thanks for the best date ever Musikfest :D

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