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    As a performance venue, this place is exceptional.  I saw the Patton Oswalt show on 9/28, and even Patton remarked that the stage setup in front of the lit steel stacks was really cool.  

    Where this place flops, badly, is with the food.  I had the worst, most obviously frozen burger I've eaten since the h/s cafeteria. Dry,terrible and overpriced.....as were the 'famous' Parmesan/ garlic fries...perfectly passable fries dredged in crummy, generic grated cheese. Gross.

    Beer selection is extensive and good.  

    By all means see a show here, but eat somewhere else and just buy drinks in the venue.

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    Gorgeous venue with fabulous food, free parking and amazing views.  The service was stellar and prices very reasonable.  My only complaint is that the waitress kept my credit card after closing my tab and I didn't realize it until the next day.  I called the venue and left a message and still received no callback....two days later.  Had to cancel the card and have one re-issued.  Minor setback that was partially my fault.  Can't wait to attend my next show here!

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    The venue section of the ArtsQuest Center at Steel Stacks. You'll find more reviews on the main listing; here's mine: <a href="http://www.yelp.com/biz/artsquest-center-at-steelstacks-bethlehem-2#hrid:uW7f1ela2xzhJIHUwUoVzA">http://www.yelp.com/biz/…</a>.

    In summary, you can't beat the backdrop of the Steel Stacks at night, but choose your seat wisely! While all the seats are close to the stage, the two side sections offer entirely-obscured views. You are better off with any seat in the main section, even in the back row.

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