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    Niagara Tap is one of those places that you'd never expect to have delicious food. It's a smokey dive bar that will probably destroy your lungs if you stay longer than a minute or two, which is why I was shocked I was sent there over the summer by my superior for a food review. Was this some kind of joke?

    When my order was ready the bartender noted Niagara Tap was in the running for best wings on my employer's website - not knowing where I worked. I smiled and walked outside. I decided to have my wings in my car since the restaurant is pretty far from anywhere I could stop and eat.

    WOW. These have to be the best wings I have ever tasted in my life. The Honey BBQ wings were in this delicious sauce like no other. The wings were meaty and tender and came right off the bone when I started eating them. It was only a minute or two before I destroyed the box of wings I bought.

    I now realized that delicious wings were hiding at Niagara Taps, just waiting to be discovered and written about. I recommend ordering take-out if possible to avoid the actual place, but those were seriously some incredible wings and well worth the trip.

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    Your typical dive bar hang out place.  Good bar food, good prices, friendly people, many regulars.  Live music packs the house for the night crowd.

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