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    Really cool atmosphere. Come and enjoy some nice lounge music while smoking some nice tobacco. They don't serve alcohol but it makes up for it with a great selection of tobacco flavors.

    Try to get here earlier because this place gets really packed starting around 9 or 10.

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    I am writing this review with the objective to how this lounge would be for people without hookahs.  Note:  I visited this place with about 9 people and the place was empty because it was a Friday and this session lasted 330pm to about 630pm.

    Location is really nice on the ever so busy Brighton Ave.  They allow you to bring food inside, there is free wi-fi (request the password) and some nice places you could probably get food from is the Mixx (Frozen Yogurt) next door or the Bon Chon (across the street and a 5 minute walk away).  They have a decent amount of couches (best get there early) and the lighting is decently dim.  They have 3 television sets and they play nice, relaxing urban music.  You can find paintings and art decorating the walls.  I thought it was pretty nice but I expected more (since I am a hookah owner and going to a bar is more for the atmosphere for me than just smoking hookah).

    The service was great, the server came by every 5 minutes and asked us if we needed anything and even switch out the flat natural coals for us when they were halfway burnt out!  The server that my party had was very friendly and we enjoyed her company.  She would even join in on our conversations once in a while.  Service.. I give a nice 5 star.  They even leave you tongs to mess around with the coals yourself.

    The quality of the hookahs and shisha was excellent.  They have their own blends that make for good sessions and you may request a bowl made of apple, melon, or pineapple for a small fee.  They had a nice stock of KM hookahs as well.  2 hoses will cost you another $5 and you must order a hookah for every 4 people you have at the table.  We had 3 hookahs because we have 9-10 people.  Also, they have a menu of beverages and snacks you may order from.  I cannot comment on this as we only ordered glasses of water.

    Smoke quality was good, it varied from time to time.  As a hookah owner, I know I could have managed the hookahs much better.  There was up and downs with the smoke.  The smoke was never the thunderclouds I could produce at home, but it wasn't so thin either (atleast not all the time).  It helps a lot if you have tongs and manage to hookah yourself, asking for coals now and then and such.

    In the end, my party of 9 - 10 paid $103 (which included tip) which rounded to roughly 10 dollars a person!  This is not bad considering we had 3 hookahs running for a little more than 3 hours.  It was a good experience.

    As a hookah owner:
    I would give this place a solid 3/5 because I expected the ambiance to be much more relaxing and the smoke was not 100% satisfying for myself (Good, but not awesome like I can make at home).  10 dollars a person wasn't so bad for 3 hours though!

    In the perspective of a non-hookah owner:
    This place gets a nice 4/5 stars!  Come here to hookah and such.  It's a good time y'all.  I suggest you eat before, or bring in food from the outside.  Enjoy the free wi-fi.  Although I did not notice if they had any electrical outlets...

    This is my first hookah bar I have been to, so expect a future update from me as I check out the other hookah bars in the area!

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    Im not sure if I can count with my hands how many times ive been to this place anymore, but its very frequent. I figured "hey, why dont i write a review?"

    To reflect on my earliest visit to the Nile lounge, which was yesterday, we were greeted at the door by a very nice and pretty girl who politely asked for our ID's and as she saw mine she looked up with a very bright smile saying "happy birthday!" As we seated we ordered the hookah we wanted as well as some fried oreos and low and behold, a hookah was brought out to us as well as the oreos with a candle stuck inside one, they sang for my birthday, so sweet.

    Now for the fundamentals, the hookah flavors are great, and it is constantly maintained by the staff, they would ask us if we needed anything every 5-10 minutes or so, and it wasnt annoying or anything, cause ive been to places where you want to ask for more water or something... and the waiter NEVER comes by!! So its always nice to see people taking their jobs seriously.

    lighting is nice, people are friendly, hookah is good.

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