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    Best bar in Safety Harbor! Copperheads and 8th are nice, but Nolan's is the quaint little joint where you'll see the friendly owner, Craig, tending the bar on a nightly basis. Craig is willing to listen to customer feedback and it shows. There is a fun activity every night of the week and you always feel welcome when you walk in the place! Closest bar to a 'Cheers' feel I've ever been at!

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    Great local Pub in Downtown Safety Harbor, with over 20 beers on tap! Went on a Monday night and played BINGO...it was more fun than I expected! This is the type of place where you know the owner and the owner knows you...good vibes, chill crowd & lots of beers to try!

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    Cool place. Nice selection of beers, wonderful staff, and good band playing. Glad to see the city of safety harbor stepping up their bar game.

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