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    OMG I just tried the worst of the worst restaurants in Lehigh, I can not call it a Cuban restaurant since I did not see any Cuban food. When I arrived I saw the parking lot empty I should have just kept going. My wife said it should be ok. Got in the door the music was loud because we entered the bar area, there was one drunk at the bar. Then saw the restaurant was a separate entrance, music was loud but not as loud as the bar. Looks like the loud music was coming from the dance room which was empty. Looked over the menu, very strange descriptions for the items on the menu, not typical Latin food, I know they state Fusion but this is fusion unless they use left overs to fuse it together . Prices looked ok. First bad sign ordered soda and it was flat they said the machine was broken. which they knew but served anyway. The bread was good and so was the water. The chicharones fried pork chunks was ok but very salty. Then we bit into an arepa and ****found a piece of glass****, searched the rest of the arepas and found more. Told the waitress and she said things fall all the time into mixer "He He". They took it off of the bill. Then my salad came with Cuban dressing on the side. It was regular Oscar Myer Mustard with mayo or something and it tasted spoiled. Then my skirt steak arrived and it was tough, I took a bite and it tasted funny like old or reheated. I looked at closer and it was like it was microwaved it looked nasty, one side dehydrated. They ended up taking 9 items of our bill for a group of 6 people. The waitress apologized several times. I asked for the manager but he or she never came out. For the safety of your family do not eat at this restaurant.

    www <a href="/redir?url=http%3A%2F%2Floopnet.com%2Fproperty%2F16156882%2F530-Pembroke-Rd%2F&s=bb8a6b7a2f05ed890d9b56b1719ba36c7d8936860acf7fd9fa2b3817492d26aa" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://loopnet.com/prope…</a>

    Now I see why they do not care its for sale. Stay away

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    I really, really want to like this place.  The menu looks great,  but it's not great, nor is the service.  

    The cuban dishes don't even come close to home-cooked Cuban food. The pork and clams were a big disappointment.  But the biggest problem was the service was still slow and forgetful even with only 4 parties eating dinner.  

    Please improve!

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