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    O Bar won me over with fantastic bartenders (by the way, the bartender nastily referenced in some of the other reviews appears to have been canned) -- warm and friendly, great at remembering favorite drinks from past visits, and talented at mixing special drinks, including the martinis on the menu and various original shots unlisted. Great atmosphere whether it's relaxing during the week or clubby (with great DJ!) on a weekend night.

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    Here is how you earn one star and have your business go down hill fast....

    Stopped down last Thursday , 3 days after the hurricane. Wanted to sit at the bar , eat some comfy food and feel warmed and relaxed. Place was dead , no lights on and I don't think the heat was on.

    The food was awful , frozen raviolis for $17 !!!!!!!!

    Not sure if this was just an off night or the place has been abandoned.

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    This place has so much potential: great location, decent venue and even decent live DJs.

    Unfortunately, the bartenders ruin it. I stood at a half empty counter for 5 minutes--no exaggeration--watching the bartender look straight at me, turn around and start texting while eating her nachos at the register (this was 10o'clock on a weekend).  I'm not sure what I did to make her blatantly ignore us while occasionally serving other people standing around us--other than paying no attention to her fake'n'baked double-D's. After literally calling to her to get her attention she finally served us with $11, 8oz long-island iced teas with no discernible alcohol in it. I made the mistake of paying with cash and tipping before tasting it. A friend in our group found several beers on his tab despite having only ordered liquor.

    If you do decide to go to O Bar, order beer (they can't screw that up, except for counting I suppose). If you pay with cash, count your change. If you pay with card, watch your receipt closely and DO contest the "mistakes" that will show up on your tab.

    This is the kind of experience I expect in NYC, not downtown Fairfield.
    Never again.

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