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    While visiting Fairbanks, my boyfriend and I decided to try the Oasis after a cab driver recommended it.  He had described it as "sort of a dive" and he was not wrong, but it was really, really good. My Philly cheesesteak was inexplicably tasty - I was not expecting that!  My boyfriend raved about the cole slaw. We were there on a night when there was only one experienced server and one trainee.  They were both extremely nice, but obviously overwhelmed.

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    What a great little hole in the wall! Lived close by for awhile now, but never had a chance to stop in. Glad we finally made it. Good food, atmosphere, and a damn good drinks. No short pours here! Not to small of a place and not to big either. Just right. And they have a pool table :)

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    Heading back to Fairbanks is a funny thing. It's always interesting to see the places my friends are going. I remember coming to the Oasis about 15 years ago and remembering good things about it (except for the amount of smoke, it made it hard to go). We went a few times, but we eventually gave it up for other places around town.

    Fast-forward about 15 years and my friends are going back. They don't allow smoking inside anymore which gives it a much nice atmosphere. The food is pretty good (my burger wasn't the best, but the cheese steak was fantastic, way better than the local cheese steak restaurant). They have a nice selection of beers, including Alaska beers which is always a nice plus.

    I'm sure we'll be back here again with our friends the next time we visit Fairbanks.

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