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    was here a few nights ago because i had tickets to see MORTIFIED. nice venu, good sized bathrooms, decent (though small) draft offering and decent cocktail offering.

    the staff at the front were extremely friendly and quirky.

    not sure what else they offer here, but would consider going back to check out other events.

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    I love Oberon. I mean seriously, where else in Boston can you see a serious theatrical production one week, a glitter gender bending disco extravaganza (the donkey show) later that week, followed by a spoken word throwdown another week, capped off with a circus show at the end? Also, the weirdest, funniest, most gonzo burlesque and drag shows in Boston seem to happen here. There's JUNK, TraniWreck, and so many others. I kind of love it. The staff have always been awesome to me too. I get it, some of the drinks seem pricey, but the bartenders are awesome. Especially Katie - order your drinks from her.

    PS - I am really confused by the recent 1 star reviewer who talked about all of the show's she's LIKED at Oberon but thinks weren't "good enough..."

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    Oberon never ceases to disappoint me. I am shocked to see such glowing reviews. I have seen three different shows at this theatre. I love the concept of the space and I set my expectations too high. I think that ART could put on some amazing shows in this space...I have just yet to see one.

    The first show I saw at Oberon was "Prometheus Bound" starring Gavin Creel. Well, enough said...he was awesome enough to make it worth my time. Next up, was the Rocky Horror Picture show...this was fun because I was with a large group of people, but it could have been better. They literally just sang the soundtrack.

    Most recently I saw "The Donkey Show." Now I believe this show has been running in Boston for three years every Saturday night. Why??? Now I will admit that I am a bit of theatre snob, but I thought this was really poor quality theatre all around. At times the story was cute and you could follow what was going on and then other times...not so much...and I am a Shakespeare aficionado. So I know the basic storyline they were trying to portray. The male dancers were very good, but even their choreography could have been better. Although I loved their body glitter and they certainly had the bodies to be so scantily clad.  

    Bottom line: I'm glad I saw "The Donkey Show" because I thought I was missing out on this fabulous theater experience, but I think I will pass on any other shows at Oberon. However, if you are dying to go see a show there...definitely look for ticket discounts because there are many.

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