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  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    The place looks clean and the staff is friendly, but the service was extremely poor. We didn't receive silver wear, condiments, or refills on drinks at all. The food was absolutely disgusting. The sauces on the wings were awful. I would have preferred a microwaveable dinner. The burger came out overcooked, incorrect and the fries were obviously cooked in the same fryer with the rest of they're fries food. This place was extremely overpriced. I would not eat here again or recommend it.

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    In-Short: A little better than your usual restaurant attached to a hotel.  Good bar with a fair selection of beers.  Individual TVs at the booth tables!  Food was fair.  Service was friendly and attentive.

    Details: Went here to watch the first NFL game of the season.  Not too busy on a Thursday night as there were seats at the bar, tables, and booths.  Ordered their Shamus burger, which was fair; the pattie was kind of disappointing and the flavor wasn't too deep even with the thousand island dressing and corned beef.  Homemade chips were good.  The bathroom was nice and clean as it was part of the banquet/hotel area.

    Overall: decent place to get pub food, beers, and watch a game.

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    Its a nice place located in hotel Crowne.

    They have a friendly staff and  do recommend some nice conktails... I had a cocktail(Rum+pieapple juice+ ...) It was very refreshing..

    The food was just "good" ..there is still lot of scope for improvement ...

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