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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I have been going to Orleans for some time now and my experiences started off fantastically. Since that first time, however, the food and service have been sub-par. Davis Square is a place that you can have food and good times nearly anywhere, but I was very hopeful for Orleans. The service when I first started going seemed more like a fine-dining experience while still having a "laid back" feel. Now, servers seem either over or under worked. This past time a server was talking about how she ate french fries off customers plates and that this always happened everywhere she worked. When we asked for bread, the waitress told us she would have to charge us, which we didn't mind. When we got it, however, the bread was completely burned. The food always seems at least "ok," but the price Orleans charges really doesn't correlate to this experience. The drinks are very inconsistent. My favorite drink, which I actually first had at Orleans, is their John Dally, but, depending on the bartender, the drink could either be perfect or extremely alcoholic.    

    Overall, I have given Orleans many chances but I doubt I will be returning.

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    The service is iffy. I've sat at the beer for a good 15 minutes while the place was dead and still never saw a bar tender. I once waited so long I left.

    Food is ok. Many better options in the David Sq/N Cambridge area.

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    Skip this place. There is much better food to be had in Davis Square, and just about anywhere will have better service. My party showed up for our 6 PM Sunday dinner reservation, and the place was completely empty. Yet our food took nearly an hour to get to us. In the meantime I was served a flat Coke and a room temperature lemonade. The waitress acted as if she had never known that Coke could go flat.  I waited tables for years and I know when someone is "in the weeds" and needs to be cut some slack. She wasn't -- she just wasn't a good server. She had no other tables.

    My generic turkey chili wasn't worth the wait. I could have made it myself in that time. The appetizers came out after the entrees. I know this place makes its money as a bar moreso than a restaurant, but they should just tear out the dining tables, put in some pool tables, and be strictly a bar without food. Yuck.

    This restaurant would be a good candidate to be on the reality TV show "Kitchen Nightmares."  I'd like to see Gordon Ramsey unleashed in their kitchen and service floor. This meal was truly a nightmare worthy of his wrath.

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