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    I'll give this bar 4 out of 5 because it is clean, and actually had seating available when my wife and I went. They have 50 different beers on tap and a lot more available by the bottle. They write the beers that are available on tap on chalk boards which hang behind the bar. I have fairly good eye sight and had trouble reading the boards. However this is not a problem because they have some flyers sitting around that have a barcode on them. When you scan the barcode it take you to a real time list of the beers available on tap. I loved this feature and hope more beer bars start using it.
    They have an indoor gold simulator where you actually hit the balls, huge jenga, huge connect 4, Golden T, darts, and a modern day juke box.

    All in all I think PHOB is doing a good job and I will be back.

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    If you like good beer, then you  will love the House of Beer. If you drink watery low-carb crud, then you might have a hard time finding anything, but they might have some bottled beer for the non-adventurous folk. 50 beers on tap, and there is a huge variety, and it changes quite frequently. There are even ciders and some fruit infused beer.

    It has a casual pub feel to it, without being too much like a sports bar. There are some video games, and a golf simulator that I actually really want to try. You swing a real club and hit a real ball into a screen, and it shows you where your ball goes. (If you're me, it will go into the lake, or into somebody's back yard.) They also have a life-sized Connect-4 game outside. Pretty cool.

    I went on a Tuesday night, and they were doing a Trivia Night. It was a lot of fun, good questions, and you get bonus points if you drink one of the beers on special. (most of my points came via this way.)

    The server was very good, knowledgeable about the beer, and friendly.

    Well done!

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