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    I went to see a show here last night and I didn't know what to expect. After reading reviews on Yelp and asking around most people couldn't give much of an idea of what this place is like. Last night I found out why. It is, for better or worse, unremarkable.

    The venue seems like many other music venues I've been to, in that it's an open room with a few bars to stand around. It does offer a balcony to stand on for better visibility, but it seemed small and crowded by the time we got there so we didn't bother.

    The place wan't extremely packed so I felt comfortable with the personal space allotted to me, but I can't say this would be the case for every show.

    One thing I will say it that the music was extremely loud. I mean, I know it's meant to be at a concert, but even with ear plugs in my ears were ringing. I don't know how other people did it.

    I would go here again to see a band I REALLY wanted to see. But, in general, I am not much of a fan of the concert atmosphere. I prefer a more intimate setting to see a show .

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    It's kind of hard to do anything but love on a place that boasts great music, friendly people, and decently-priced drinks.

    Sure it's an intimate (read: small-ish) setting, but I like that. If I want to drown in a sea of half-drunk, fist-pumping, swaying, singers-along I'll go to HOB. The small setting means less lines - to get in, to get drinks, to get to the (gross) bathrooms. And while lines might not seem that bad as long as you can hear the music, who wants to wait in a line? Not I. Also, despite the small space, there are two bars here. Wait time to get buzzed? Vanquished.

    Of course, the setting wouldn't matter a lick of the acts were crappy or the acoustics were terrible (e.g. Agganis Arena). The Paradise definitely attracts a variety of musical acts. I've seen various acts here over the years, each drawing a diverse crowd. I really like that they skirt the edge of popularity with lots of the bands. Sure, some you'll hear on the mainstream radio, but you might also discover a "new" band here, too. And the sound is pretty good. It's certainly not the best, but there's a noticeable lack of reverb or echoing. Also, given the size of the place, there isn't a "bad" spot to be in. Well, musically, at least.

    I can't wait to be back.

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    I've been here a bunch of times, both as a spectator and as a FOB (friend of band). Overall it's a good place to see a show, it's big enough that I never feel too crowded but small enough that you feel close to the stage no matter where you are. There is a coat check and a pretty small bathroom, and two bars. The small size of the venue means that it's easy to get a drink in the middle of a show.

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