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    So while in Clearwater the other week, I wanted to check out a strip club. My friend Jake says, "I know the perfect place, and it's right up the street from me!" Great! So I mentally get ready for a night of sleazy debauchery with my good buddy, make sure I've got enough $1s to keep the booties shaking, jump in my car and drive down.

    From the outside, it looks pretty shady, which while in many cases may be a minus, becomes a plus in the case of strip clubs (shady's a good thing- you're there for shady business!)

    $5 cover on a weeknight? fine.
    $5 bottles of bud? cool.
    $16 shots of patron? WHAT? shame on me for being so friendly to a stripper!

    Here's the deal with this place- It's not really a strip club! It's a bikini bar. County ordinance, according to one of the "performers", bans nudity where alcohol is served.


    So I got a private dance with a freindly stripper. $30 a song? "Good thing she's fine!" I thought to myself.

    Too much money later, I was ready to go.

    One cool thing, my "private dancer" was wicked friendly- she let me take some pics of her for a momento.

    One-not-so-cool thing? Looking at the pictures the next morning! Yipes!

    At least I supported a couple single moms.

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    It's hard to exactly rate an exotic dancing club, but I'll try.  Personality's is in Pinellas county which is important in this case because you have to know that the laws in Pinellas county are more strict than in Hillsborough County.  Not only are business that serve alcohol forced to close at 2 AM, but the dancers don't show much at all.  For what it lacks in practical raunchiness, it makes up for in a friendly vibe.  "Personality's" is a very apt name for this place because the dancers actually have personality.  We had an amazing time, even if it had to end at 2 AM.  Drink prices are somewhat more fair than what I expected.  Still a rip off, but better than I expected.  I don't know what their cover is because if you come after midnight, they don't charge you anything.  I wouldn't come here if I had to pay a cover, but would come here again to just have some laughs and a good time.   We just came here initially because it was within walking distance of the hotel and we needed a place where we could get loaded and then not have to drive.

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