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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I love Pete and Shorty's because it stands in such sharp contrast to its next door neighbor (The original location of Hooter's). P & S offers good food at good prices and a good bar. The dining room is comfortable and friendly and the menu has just enough options without going overboard. The burgers are fantastic and you must try the signature Pork Tenderloin sandwich. P&S is an excellent stopover on the way to Bright House Field, whether for Phillies Spring Training or Threshers Minor League game.

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    After being pretty dissatisfied by neighboring Hooters, I mosied on down to Pete and Shorty's a spirited spit away absolutely starving. They had great outdoor seating, friendly staff, and in the women's room a painting of David wearing a fig leaf you can't resist pulling up- which I did. The server handed me an "I Peeked" button, how cute! The sliders were enough to kill my craving for flame-licked beef, the chili was great on tots, and the mushroom slices were to die for. The beer was frosty on a hotter day, and I sat at a comfortable table just outside an adorable little courtyard. Next time I'll lay off the deep fried foods and try something on the lighter side, but really happy to have stumbled into this place!

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    I'm not sure why, this has always been one of those places I drive by on a daily basis but have never stopped in. That finally changed when I came in for dinner tonight.

    I decided to stop in and see what the ladies night special was all about. I ordered a margarita to start ($4 happy hour instead of the usual $5) then checked out the menu. Part of the ladies night special was $4 apps so I went for the fried pickles with ranch. Also got a shorty burger, which is like the size of a White Castle and comes with basic toppings for $1.50. The pickles were fried deliciousness and the burger was decent

    Overall the service was good and I liked the cozy pub feel inside. Will go back again soon!

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